Joining the Venture Club of Indiana is your key to gain access to Indiana’s entrepreneurial and investment communities. Go here to view pricing options and to join!  Or click here to download a form.


The Venture Club gives investors a convenient and on-going source of contact with entrepreneurs in search of funding. Members also rub elbows with other investors and professionals who are dedicated to helping Indiana businesses succeed. Through the Venture Club you can keep up-to-date on opportunities and new developments in Indiana's investment and business communities.


The Venture Club offers entrepreneurs invaluable contacts with sources of capital and business expertise. Entrepreneurs have been nearly seven times more successful in obtaining funds than non-member entrepreneurs who have gone into the investment community on their own.

But funding is only one aspect of Venture Club. Members get to know a variety of other company members that can fill a diverse array of business needs - whether you are looking for space, manufacturing capabilities, equipment, customers, support services or a host of other services. Perhaps as important as meeting investment contacts and finding business resources, entrepreneurs also have the valuable opportunity to meet with their peers and learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

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