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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Monthly Luncheon

Innovation Showcase Roundup Panel


Matthew Anderson, President, Adproval (2014 Innovation Showcase Finalist)
Dr. Josephine (Jo) Polich, President, Cearna Aesthetics (2014 Innovation Showcase Champion)
Grant Jenkins, President, eCeptacal (2014 Innovation Showcase Finalist)
Rod Reasen, CEO, Healthiest Employers (2014 Innovation Showcase Finalist)

It’s time for the annual Innovation Showcase Roundup!  This year, we’re pleased to have founders from four of the finalist companies from the 2014 Innovation Showcase joining us.  The program will begin with each founder giving a short, five-minute, and presentation on their company.  After the pitches, we’ll transition into a panel discussion focused on the companies’ respective experiences at this year’s Showcase and a number of other topics related to entrepreneurship.  The panel discussion is sure to be informative and entertaining!  See below for more information on our panelists and their companies:

Matthew Anderson lives by a simple motto: “Have a good time, all the time.”  Matthew and the team at Adproval (http://adproval.com/) recognize how great sidebar ads can be for bloggers. They provide revenue, approved outlets for readers, and serious brand promotion for advertisers. This is why Adproval is working to simplify the sale, setup, and payment process for bloggers and their sponsors. Adproval also believes that the relationship between a blogger and their sponsor is about much more than just a static sidebar ad. Adproval’s goal is to provide the tools bloggers need to form sustainable sponsor relationships, build community around their blogs, and spend more time creating… all while making some money :) 

Dr. Josephine (Jo) Polich started Cearna Aesthetics in 2010 (http://www.cearna.com/). Cearna is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of surgery and trauma recovery products. Its mission is to help people recover from trauma more quickly by reducing bruising, swelling and pain.  Prior to starting Cearna, Dr. Polich had successful careers in engineering and as a Doctor of Chiropractic focused on natural remedies utilized in the treatment of patients. Dr. Polich has conducted extensive development and testing of Cearna’s patent-pending products using her analytic experience and strong research background from her years running and managing major engineering groups at prominent companies including IBM and Alcatel.

Grant Jenkins is the Founder of eCeptacle (http://www.eceptacle.com/), a company producing an intelligent waste management device that enhances economic, social and environmental sustainability for its clients.  Grant has spent his entire career in the commercial real estate and private banking industries, working for Cassidy Turley, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan Private Bank, before making the decision to pursue his vision of eCeptacle. Grant is an Indiana native and received his bachelor’s degree in economics from DePauw University.

Rod Reasen is no stranger to entrepreneurship and corporate health.  As the founder of the nationally recognized Healthiest Employer Awards Program (http://healthiestemployers.com/) that serves over 6,000 employers, Rod is an authority on corporate wellness and health analytics. Rod has authored over thirty articles in leading journals, including The Boston Business Journal, Employee Benefit Adviser Magazine, Broker World, and HR.COMPrior to launching Healthiest Employers, Rod started and scaled a benefits consulting firm into one of the largest in the Midwest, before selling to an S&P Mid-Cap Index publicly traded organization. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Rod has self-funded and exited a variety of financial planning and professional services companies.

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