Cy Smith Award

Cy Smith passed away from cancer in 1999. He was a quiet leader of many entrepreneurial support organizations (including many years as a Venture Club Board Member) and a mentor to many entrepreneurs in our region. An entrepreneur himself, Cy was selfless in his approach, preferring to avoid the limelight and work behind the scenes. He was generous with his time and money, always willing to coach an entrepreneur through any business issue over a hamburger (his favorite meal). Through his work, Cy touched the lives of many entrepreneurs and others in the Indiana business community making Indiana a better place to start and grow a business.

The Award is presented annually to a member of the business community who most exemplifies Cy’s qualities:

  1. Community leadership – demonstrates a willingness to contribute time and talent to organizations and initiatives that support entrepreneurship.
  2. Personal leadership – minimizes personal recognition in favor of building the strength and character of others.
  3. Business advisory – passionately guides and mentors entrepreneurs through the growth and development of their business.

Past Recipients:

2013   Dr. Don Kuratko
2011   Ron Henriksen
2010   N/A
2009   Mickey Maurer
2008   N/A
2007   Bob Compton
2006   Bernie Ostrowsky
2005   Steve Beck
2004   Jean Wojtowicz
2003   David Millard
2002   Bruce Kidd
2001   Rollie Dick
2000   Ted Engelhart

Award Nominations:

To nominate someone for the Cy Smith Award, please send their name and the reasons why you believe that person should receive the Award to

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